We tell your story via multimedia @ Calidad Images

What We Do

At Calidad Images, we deliver a full agency experience. Our services are centred around our digital expertise offering: Photography, videography, Graphics Design, Web Design/hosting, Development; Email Marketing; and Brand Positioning.


Who we Are

We Enjoy using our talent to tell your story via multimedia. We believe in the magic of sound , film, picture & movement to stimulate the mind and nourish the soul. Our team is infused with youthful energy, the ability to view the world in 4D. We are complimented with training from different areas around the world. Since 2008, our experience enriches us with skills unbeaten by many others



We have worked on various projecst for leading companies i.e, AMFREF Africa, UNICEF, Stanbic Bank, University of East Africa, Destiny Villages of Hope, Geovest Limited.

Contact Us

We would like to connect with you for any queries. We are located at Equotorial Mall level 2 Suite 205, William Street, Tell: +256 414 698 267, +256 702 981 401. Email. info@calidadimages.com